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UV 5W LED Torch


Includes UV 5W LED Torch, battery, charger, spare battery and carry pouch. Supplied with an operating, maintenance and safety manual to ensure safe use.



It looks clean… but is it?

Surfaces may look clean, but high-performance UV-A inspection lamps can be used to reveal invisible contamination that could house bacteria and germs, including the Coronavirus. It’s a technology that has been used for many years by forensic investigators at crime scenes to help detect vital evidence, and by infection control nurses within hospitals to improve hygiene and cleanliness.

Unlike UV-C light, which is used to disinfect air and surfaces within rooms, UV-A is safe to use, providing you do not exceed the maximum exposure times for the eyes and skin. Our torch is supplied with full health and safety information to help ensure safe use.

The other two main considerations that will determine whether a particular torch will work for this application are:

Wavelength – Contamination, including dust, stains, bodily fluids and protein fluoresce naturally under UV-A light, but at a specific wavelength (365nm). Digress too far either way from here and it’s unlikely you’ll get the effects you want.

Irradiance – You need a torch with a high UV-A irradiance level. Even if you get the wavelength spot on; if you don’t have enough power the fluorescent effects will be dull at best, even in dimmed lighting. Get them both wrong and you’ll see nothing. It’s not the electrical input that’s important here, it’s the UV irradiance levels emitted.

Our high-performance torch is guaranteed to produce bright fluorescent effects, even in normal ambient lighting. They are used by some of the World’s largest organisations for critical quality control checks, such as identifying defects in aerospace components and fluid leaks during engine manufacturing. We also supply them to the NHS for cleanliness monitoring.

Cheaper models found on Amazon and eBay may look similar but won’t be effective. Our torch is £299 for a reason, if you see a similar model for around £50 online and think it’s too good to be true… it is!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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