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Improve hand hygiene with our UV hand washing training products

UV lamps are commonly used within the healthcare and food industry to help teach best practise hand washing technique to help improve infection control and reduce cross contamination.

Below you’ll see a list of products we manufacture and supply for hand hygiene training. If you’d like to discuss your particular process requirements with a member of our team please call 0121 423 2000 or contact us.

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UV Glow Box Kit

UV Glow Box and UV Glow Lotion (4 x 200 ml) to teach best practise hand washing technique. Operated via motion sensor on/off switch. Includes carry bag.

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UV Glow Box

Used in combination with UV Glow Lotion to teach best practise hand washing technique. Includes motion sensor on/off switch.

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UV Glow Lotion

Used on combination with the UV Glow Box to teach best practise hand washing technique. Available in single 200 ml bottles or a box of 12.

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Our friendly, experienced team are on hand to help identify the most suitable UV solution for your particular process requirements.

Health and safety

All of our UV equipment is supplied with maximum permissible exposure times for the skin and eyes at specified distances from the source.

We also provide PPE, hazard warnings, shielding and guarding, risk management training and where required, on-site measurements and training.

Speak to a member of our team to discuss your equipment and safety requirements.

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