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UV LightUV light equipment manufacturers producing a wide product range designed to optimise your process and minimise risk. Our OptiMinUV® total solutions combine equipment selection recommendations with health & safety training and products. This ensures maximum performance benefits, safe use and confidence of employees.

UV product range includes; UV hand lamps, UV torches, UV LEDs, UV flood lamps, UV focused spots, UV cabinets, UV conveyors, UV light guide systems, UV meters and health and safety solutions.

UV Blacklights for Fluorescent Processes

UV-A Blacklight Inspection Inspection | Detection | Validation | Effects

Select a UV blacklight from our wide range with the optimum intensity and area of irradiation for your particular application.

NDT crack detection - Fluid leak detection - Material dispersion validation - Police, forensics and security - Textile quality control - Hydrocarbon detection - Conservation investigations - Particulate micro contamination detection - Ringworm detection - Riboflavin wash cycle validation - Scientific research.

UV Light Disinfection, Hygiene and Infection Control Products

36W UV-C Germicidal UnitReduce infections, contamination and foodbourne diseases with our UV light disinfection equipment by killing viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds and yeasts in seconds.

Improve cleanliness with our UV blacklights by instantly revealing invisible contamination on apparently clean surfaces and enabling prompt rectification.

Improve hygiene standards with our hand washing training and cross contamination demonstration kits.

Monitoring compliance with cleaning protocols with our cleaning verification kits.

UV Light Equipment for Curing Processes

UV Light Curing of MaterialsAdhesives | Resins | Coatings | Paints

Select a UV lamp from our wide range with the optimum wavelengths, intensity and area of irradiation for your particular application.

UV light curing is rapidly displacing conventional water and solvent based thermal drying processes by offering increased productivity, improved product quality and environmentally friendly characteristics. This often enables innovative new processes and product development.

Hand Washing Training

UV Hand Inspection Cabinet Instant visualisation of areas missed during hand washing. Teach best practise hand washing procedure to reduce the spread of infections and foodbourne diseases.

UV Exposure & Treatment

UV Exposure and TreatmentWood ageing of antique reproduction furniture and musical instruments.

Surface treatment for enhancement of material adhesion.

Stencil and screen production using photo-sensitive materials.

UV Sunlight Simulation

Sunlight SimulationAccelerated artificial ageing of materials.

Photovoltaic cell testing (solar panels).

Photobiology and vitamin D synthesis for human and animal health.

Design and Build Solutions

UV Design and Build Solutions Where customer requirements cannot be met by our extensive standard product range we offer our unrivalled 'design and build' solutions.

Cleanliness Monitoring

Reveal UV Range Reveal surface contamination not visible under normal lighting to check effectiveness of cleaning procedures and identification of areas either missed or not cleaned properly.

UV Art and Special Effects

UV Blacklight Art and Special Effects UV reactive paints in combination with UV blacklighting. Special effects include single and dual image, 3D, invisible/UV revealing and Trompe-l'oeil.

UV Light Measurement

UV Light Measurement UV radiometers for monitoring UV light output for process control, UV light transmission of materials, including fabrics and health and safety evaluations.

UV Light Health and Safety

UV Light Health and SafetyTraining courses, UV light measurement and evaluation surveys and products to help organisations meet their legal obligations and ensure safe use of UV light in the workplace.

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'Safety First with UV Light'

Risk Management of UV Light Exposure in the Workplace

Training Course

Risk Assessment and Control of Personal UV Light Exposure from Artificial Sources in the Workplace

One day course aimed at health and safety professionals and those responsible for ensuring the safe use of UV light equipment in the workplace.

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UV Health and Safety
Products and Services

Training | UV Measurement | Consultancy | Products

Designed to help organisations meet their obligations for the safe use of UV light equipment, welding processes or plasma cutters in the work place under The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010 which specify statutory UV light ELVs.

UV Health and Safety Data

All our UV products are supplied with maximum permissible UV light exposure times for the unprotected skin and eyes and classified by risk group in accordance with BS EN 62471 : 2008.

UV LED Torches


UV LED torches with UV-A outputs of 365 nm and 370 nm, suitable for UV blacklight fluorescent inspection and small area UV curing processes.

UV equipment hire

Wide range of UV light equipment and measurement devices available to rent. Contact us to discuss your requirements or view UV products available for hire. Ideal to try before you buy or for short run contracts.

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